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"Our goal, simply stated, is to remove as much friction from the process of developing new innovation as possible to greatly improve the chances of the innovation becoming realized."
Douglas Graham

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We developed the Ideation solution after conducting extensive research and, in doing this, we identified 28 reasons why the management and commercialization of innovation is so challenged. We then developed software to address each of these challenges. These modules are combined together in an easy to use ERP that manages all types of intellectual property at all stages of its lifecycle. SAP started as an inventory program (physical assets), PeopleSoft as an HR program (human assets) and Oracle as an accounting program (financial assets). We felt it was time for an ERP focused on the largest and most important asset class – intellectual assets. Ideation enables organizations to capture, protect, value, manage, confidentially market, license and securitize their IP.

We also provide an inexpensive advisory service that help organizations with best practices related to innovation management and commercialization as well as providing portfolio reviews that provide an inexpensive review of your IP portfolio that is both quantitative and qualitative so that you can better understand the potential of your portfolio and rank the strengths of its components on multiple metrics. We can also provide portfolio valuations.