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Ideation enables you to capture, protect, manage, confidentially market, license and securitize your IP of all types and at all stages of its lifecycle. It is very comprehensive and yet very simple to use.

Five reasons to join

Ideation is a secure, trusted community in which innovators can keep whatever level of confidentiality and anonymity they choose and yet still be potentially found by those seeking their technology or skills.

Reason 1

Register Your Ideas

Get irrefutable proof that you are the author of an innovation at a specific time
Build your own highly secure repository of your ideas
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Reason 2

Protect Your Ideas

High military grade security
You control all access and can even exclude specific individuals or organizations
If you grant any access you have an NDA and an audit trail of the access
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Reason 3

Confidentially Share Your Ideas

Find clients without necessarily compromising confidentiality or anonymity
Let potential partners find you without compromising your confidentiality
Find technology partners to provide needed supplemental innovation
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Reason 4

Participate in a trusted global community

Collaborate, join venture and cross-license secure in the knowledge that your confidentiality and even, if you wish, your anonymity is protected
Source all kinds of IP related services at competitive prices
Create virtual companies alone or with others to develop new projects
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Reason 5

Join now and get a lifetime charter membership

The first 5000 members will be given a lifetime Charter Membership for $9.95/month
(a 50% discount from the standard price of $19.95/month) and will be
permanently identified as charter members.
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