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Ideation uses state of the art technology in cyber security, zero trust networks, encryption, smart contracts and blockchain to achieve the perfect balance between confidentiality, anonymity and transparency.

Specifically, we use fully homormorphic encryption (FHE) that has never been breached. FHE allows an encrypted document to be searched for key words while only the author has access to the original, allowing complete confidentiality but enabling search matching.

Our goal is to enable inventors to maintain absolute confidentiality and security for their innovation, whilst at the same time the ability to market their innovations.

An inventor can register a non-confidential marketing abstract for his innovation alongside encrypted, proprietary documents. Access to the encrypted document is controlled by the inventor.

The disadvantage of using traditional encryption is that Ideation would need decryption keys in order to work with the document in any way, thus making the document vulnerable to attack. With FHE, the document can be searched for keywords whilst remaining encrypted.

If a relevant hit is found, the system notifies the searcher that there may be a technology available for license which meets the criteria but that the technology is confidential. The searcher cannot discover what the technology is or who the inventor is until contacting the author through Ideation's anonymizing messaging system.

The inventor may grant access with an NDA or ignore the request. A secure messaging system within the application supports this conversation, secures the content and the identity of the parties involved and provides an irrefutable audit trail.