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About Ideation

Ideation is a software solution and repository to manage and keep your ideas, inventions and know-how safe, secret and confidential while being able to, if you wish, share, market and promote your ideas with others, without compromising your confidentiality. Ideation is also a global innovation community and collaborative marketplace for innovators, and investors seeking to share ideas and to license or to buy and sell intellectual property, technologies or trade secrets for commercialization and technology transfer.

We identified 28 reasons why the management and commercialization of innovation is so challenged (and wrote a book on it). We then developed software to address each of these challenges. These modules are combined together as an easy to use ERP that manages all types of intellectual property at all stages of its lifecycle.

We offer an inexpensive advisory service that help organizations with best practices related to innovation management and commercialization – or we will market your IP for you. Our goal, simply stated, is to remove as much friction from the process of developing new innovation as possible and to greatly improve the chances of the innovation actually becoming realized.

Innovators: Protect your ideas yet still find potential collaborators, licensees and investors.

IP Professionals: Build a white-labelled innovation ecosystem that can be used by all of your clients.

Investors: Find and evaluate potential investment opportunities and research ecosystems.

Universities and Scientific Institutes: Capture, protect, manage, crowd fund, and license innovations coming from your researchers.

Corporations: Evaluate and manage your IP portfolio and protect from determined attacks.