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Our management team have been in this field for over fifteen years, have testified to US Congress over 50 times, authored 5 books, provided expert testimony 48 times (our side won 47 times) and met 8 heads of state. The last book is shown below.

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We set out to discover why it is so difficult for new innovations to make the journey from inception to realization. We interviewed everyone involved – researchers, lawyers, accountants, tech transfer professionals and drew up 28 reasons why as well as our proposed solution to these challenges. We then wrote a book on the topic that was published by Wiley and to our pleasant surprise we received so excellent reviews from some very senior individuals. This encouraged us to build all of these solutions in software in what is now ”The Ideation Platform”.

“It is important that we address the management of innovation and I hope that this book will make an initial contribution to this critical area.”

Carl Icahn,
Financier, Innovator and Philanthropist

“This book starts this discussion of how we can better help innovation become realized and discusses the profound impact this could have on our economy and our society.”

Sir David Cooksey,
Chairman, Bank of England

“The more we can make a fertile ground for new ideas and innovations the better.  The ideas in this book go a long way in showing you how to do this!”

Lee Iacocca,
Former Chairman of Chrysler

“If we can commercialize just a portion of the defense and intelligence research as suggested then it is a huge benefit for the taxpayer and society”

Hon. Ty W McCoy,
Former Secretary of US Air Force